Monday, December 13, 2010

Zero to Hero!!!!! Re-using a sweater!

Sorry for our little posting hiatus. We're "Back in Black" as AC/DC would say. On another note, I'm very excited that I have recently turned tragedy to triumph and want to share. A year ago after I delivered my son, my mom shrunk two of my cashmere sweaters while helping out with our laundry. I couldn't bear to get rid of the sweaters that I loved, and were so soft and cozy, so I held onto them figuring I would find some new use for them. And thus, Mr. A now has two new pairs of fabulous cashmere leg warmers! We realized during a recent hike where Mr. A was in his ERGO baby carrier, that his little legs were getting cold as his pants pulled up when he was seated. Mr. C and I discussed buying some babylegs or some Agoo leggings, and that's when I knew I had a better "free" solution! I cut the arms off the sweaters and instantly they became legs. Two seams later, and they were finished! LOVE it and so does Mr. A!!! Boy does he stay warm and cozy in these when we're out in cold weather! They're AWESOME! I also sewed the arm holes and necks closed on the sweaters and will be putting in zippers at the bottoms to create some posh new throw pillows for our couch.