Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rockin' Out with my Laundry!

I'm so excited to finally be able to try Rockin' Green laundry detergent. We started cloth diapering in our house in July when Mr. A was 9 months old and we haven't looked back to disposables since. This has led to a change in our laundry routine though, since the detergents were were using prior were not cloth diaper safe. After a bad experience with one detergent that left Mr. A with a red chemically burned little butt, and a frantic run to Whole Foods to find a detergent that was cloth diaper safe, we've been using ECOS Free and Clear. ECOS has been a good detergent for us. Mr. A's butt has stayed happy and rash free, it has not caused our diapers to repel and it seems to clean all of our laundry pretty well (we've switched to one detergent for everything to aid my sanity level!). Having said that, it is unscented, and I keep hearing awesome things about Rockin' Green so I bought some and it has been lounging in my laundry area just waiting for me to finish the ECOS. The Rockin' Green I bought is the Lavender Mint scent and it smells so fresh. They have tons of other yummy scents and are even coming out with a special holiday edition. I am even more excited to try it out this week since Rockin' Green is having a GREEN FRIDAY deal on Black Friday. From midnight to 8AM they will be selling detergent on their website for $10/bag (normally $13.95) of Classic and $12/bag (normally $15.95) of Hard Rock (limit of 2 bags per customer). I'm hoping that this detergent Rocks as much as everyone says since this would be a great deal to stock up.

Check it out here:

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